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Noitavonne Siecom - China's fastes growing ODM in the Mobile Technology Sector.

Lael Alexander
Published on 06 May 2022 / In

Noit's "EGO-Series" of new Android tablets, smartphones and Nano-touch Smart displays are the recipients' of international recognition which boast rich and robust form and functionality available for OEMs worldwide offering tomorrow's functions today. The signature device of the EGO Series debuted in the Asian telecom market and was appropriately named the "Joystick". The Joystick breaks the smartphone mold, allowing for portability, style and performance in one lipstick shaped body, a true hybrid that encapsulates and expands upon the latest innovations of the smartphone era. It features true telephony, a Wi-Fi hotspot, mp3, NFC, 64gig storage capacity and a thin client server that enables remote functions which correspond with Noit's other 3G/4G devices. This year, Noit's second annual appearance will introduce four patent pending products designed to improve efficiency in five market segments; Utility, Medical, Industrial, Education and Commercial Retail.

"Consumer demands have raised the bar and all expectations in smart devices today, and Noit's EGO Series have exceeded those expectations," said Lael A. Alexander, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Noitavonne Inc., and Vice President of Siecom. "Thinking outside the boxes that current industry giants built has been our recipe to success. Being ranked among the top designers in the Asian telecommunications market has provided us with a firm base and the confidence to compete with other brands in our home market. Our latest offerings are tailored to meet the demands of industry enterprises, yet stylish enough to pique the interest of the next generation of users."

The "Spirit of Noitavonne™" is best expressed through its very name which is true "innovation" spelled backwards with an "e". Noit™ is home of the innovations technology merging with possibilities, transforming into personal experiences. The company's patent pending "LOOP Connectivity Protocol" has become a shining example of the high level of technological innovation that is produced at Noit™. Another is "The Loop Tablet", which has many capabilities including cellular, computing, video, e-Reader, music and controlling wireless IR remote applications. The device acts as a phone or it can be a smart phone companion where the cell phone wirelessly displays in the Loop Tablet User Interface allowing the user to perform all the cellular phone functions in addition to the full spectrum of tablet functions.

"With four industry firsts, including our new age point-of-sale mobile terminal technology, medical sensing technology, mobile device connectivity, and the most robust and proficient quad core NFC mobile platforms offered in 2013, our third year in business looks to be our breakout year!", says Pat Berna, Director of Sales, North America.

The visionary behind this product, Lael A. Alexander, has a knack for building upon ideas to continually improve on what others might deem perfection. However, it is his experience in technology that spans decades and crosses multiple functional industry sectors ranging from healthcare to energy related segments that continue to prove up his concepts from a practitioners approach. The emergence of this technology and the devices in which it is currently being implemented has caused a seismic shift in the collective paradigm around how the world views mobility and impact how tablets, phones and personal computers as network devices will be used.

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