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Cassius Cuvée - IRL (In Real Life) Music video

Lael Alexander
Published on 08 Dec 2022 / In Film & Animation

Web 3 and NFTs are largely about community. In this music video Cassius Cuvée displays IRL (In Real Life) experiences at the DeSo (Decentralized Social) anniversary party, NFT LA, and the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami with several members of the crypto and DeFi community.

#IRLchallenge - Post your own pics/vids/slideshow using the hook of this song 🚀

"IRL" produced by Kidd Jupiter https://thebridgetownstudio.com/

➡️Watch episodes Poppin Crypto with Cassius Cuvée on this channel! There is a custom rap performance for every Web 3 founder and CEO that gets interviewed. View the playlist, which includes DeFi Kingdoms, Superworld, Macy Gray, and others!

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My show Poppin Crypto with Cassius Cuvée explores everything related to Web 3.0 innovations while also integrating music, entertainment, and education. I am a recording artist from Oakland. My art is a reflection of my life experiences. As a crypto and Web 3.0 enthusiast, many of my creations include music with a purpose of financial literacy and tech innovation but I have a wide range of interests and many talents so my style is never going to be boxed in or defined by a certain sound or look. I am riding my own wave. Investing, Web 3, boxing, and poppin cuvée champagne to celebrate life and enjoy the ride!

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