Scientist's Terrifying New Discovery SHOCKS The Entire Space Industry!

Published on 11 May 2022 / In Film & Animation

How big is the Universe? The answer is, unfathomably huge! It is even hard to
represent the Universe to scale because you will quickly run out of space! However, as
sheer as the size of the Universe is, it is full of mysteries! One of such huge secrets is a
structure at the edge of the Universe just discovered by NASA! This structure is a big
deal because it affects you despite being so far away! What is this mysterious structure,
and how does it affect you on Earth? Join us as we explore the mysterious structure
near the edge of the Universe found by NASA!
The world UNIVERSE comes from the Latin word, UNIVERSUS, meaning WHOLE. So,
a question like "what is the size of the whole universe" basically is asking "what is the
size of whole whole?" On a more serious note, however, how large is the Universe?

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