Who Rules America? | Complete Series | ENDEVR Documentary

Lael Alexander
Published on 26 Sep 2023 / In Film & Animation

Who Rules America? | Complete Series from 2012 | ENDEVR Documentary

Watch 'America's Surveillance State - Complete Series' here: https://youtu.be/u05rQOPxxlE

Explore the powers that run the United States, the ruling 1% network of America. This documentary miniseries ties connections between corporate entities, the media, and the government, and how they work to govern society today.

00:00 The Debate Over Power
Explore the complex nature of power in American society today.

00:24:08 The History of Democracy in America
This episode turns back the clock to examine the evolution of democracy in the United States.

00:48:24 The Corporate Takeover
Examine the relationship between powerful corporate entities and power in America in this episode.

01:12:19 The Power of The Media
The media's role in the American power hierarchy is explored in this episode.

01:36:32 Money Dominates Politics
The position of money in American politics is the subject of this episode.

02:00:39 The Power of Wall Street
In the final episode, take a look at how Wall Street institutions factor into America's power structure.
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