Noitavonne Mobility

Lael Alexander
Published on 06 May 2022 / In Film & Animation

Noitavonne's mobility service division is tasked to implement the solution that provides inter-location data exchange/connectivity that boasts wireless cross functional control of paired devices within an IP looped network. The embodiment of this bi-directional --cross functional control on a communication platform, absent the need of costly infrastructure has marveled industry professionals. Introduction of this innovative technology has positioned the company well in the emerging market sector adequately named "Enterprise Mobility".
With its IP based suite of solutions, NoitMobile® is able to offer individuals and organizations the ability to use its enhancements to wirelessly connect, collaborate and communicate distributed applications within a secured environment without the use of the internet. Loop connectivity within an active wifi environment amplifies the previously mentioned pairing abilities by enabling remote access points, interoperability and collaboration to be expanded seamlessly across carrier networks.

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